Heavy Machine Gun

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The Heavy Machine Gun is a much meaner version of the basic Machine Gun. Uses the Large Guns skill.

The HMG is a potent weapon against smaller vehicles, like subcompacts and muscle cars, or bigger vehicles with weak armor (Carrier Van, Box Van, Lorry, Bus). The HMG's magazine holds 20 shots just like its smaller incarnations, the Machine Gun and Medium Machine Gun, so it can continue to chip at enemy armor for a sustained period of time before it needs to be reloaded. Even against the toughest armor available in Evan, the HMG remains a force to be reckoned with.

The HMG's main disadvantage is its heavy recoil which may cause your vehicle to buck or swerve if it is coupled with another high-recoil weapon and both are fired simultaneously. Being hit by heavy weapon fire, or reversing while firing may also cause you to lose control of your vehicle. When used in conjunction with a small engine and/or a small vehicle, the HMG's recoil may cause a considerable loss of speed.

Although not especially rare, the HMG is a valuable addition to your garage. It is not always available on the NPC town market, but it is fairly common in enemy NPC designs so it can be looted easily. When used properly, the HMG allows you to contend with the heaviest foes you might encounter in the wild or on the race track.

Bulk: 40 Ammo: 20 Weight: 355